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FSU Camps

Explore Camps at Florida State University

This website lists most of the camps that are sponsored by, hosted in collaboration with or physically conducted at Florida State University’s Main Campus in Tallahassee or at the Panama City campus. View available camps by camp type by clicking the “See the Camps” links below. You will then see a brief description for each camp and directions to get more information.

Dodd Hall mural; The half of knowledge is to know where to find knowledge

Academic/Civic Camps

These camps enrich participants learning experience while focusing on a specific academic or educational program.

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Circus performance students

Athletic/Recreational Camps

These camps focus on the development of individual skills through guidance, instruction, individual / multiplayer drills.

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Dance student

Dance Camps

These camps help participants learn and understand various genres of dance.

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Chorale singers

Music Camps

These camps offers a comprehensive music experience focused on developing the player or simply bringing the art of music to beginning musicians.

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Aerial photo of Panama City campus

Panama City/FSU Campus Camps

Camps that happen on the Panama City-FSU Campus.

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